Do I need special equipment to use Train 2 Ski programming?

We advise having access to

2 Dumbbells and/or a back pack.

Pull up Bar

What weights should I use?


  • Women 10lb
  • Men 15lb


  • Women 20lb
  • Men 35lb


  • Women 35lb
  • Men 50lb
How long are the workouts?

The daily program will take between 45min-1hour total.

The WOD’s range between Medium Short and Long workouts.

The daily Accessory workouts are not timed but work as accessory strength pieces.

How do I use a backpack as a piece of training equipment?

We like the backpack as a piece of training equipment as everyone has one and they are very easy to use for resistance training.

Simply filling the bag up with clothes or better still water bottles you can make a very effective make shift weight giving you access to many different resistance exercises.

How do I receive the program?

Once you purchase The Train 2 Ski 

The Workouts will be delivered to your device of choice:

What is the program?

We are a skiing and snowboarding program

We undulate between medium short and long workouts. Developing Strength Power and Endurance. Your body is an amazing adaptive machine and will adapt to movements as fast  as 6 exposures to the same stimulus. We tackle this by making sure that our program is constantly changing  to produce the best training outcomes.

We only repeat workouts to test your fitness gains and show your progressions. 

Is every Workout different?
Our workouts are constantly varied based around functional movement. Out in the mountains you have variable conditions and environments, by being constantly varied we help prepare you for the unknowable.
What is functional movement?

Functional movement is the movement your body needs to perform to function.

To list a few:

  • Lower to sit – Squat
  • Hinge to pick something up – Deadlift
  • Place something above you- Press/Push press/ Push Jerk
  • Push yourself off the ground- Push ups
  • Pull yourself over something- Pull ups/Muscle ups/ Bent over rows