Stephanie China - CoFounder Train 2 Ski


Stephanie has been passionate about fitness her entire life. She started skiing at the age of 3 and competed in Alpine Ski racing throughout her teens at the regional, provincial and national level. She also raced on her University ski team. Although she had initially taken up snowboarding has a way to mix-it-up athletically it soon became a new passion. Upon graduating university, Stephanie had considerable success racing the Canadian Kokanee Snowboarding and North American Swatch Boardercross series. A serious knee injury, one year before her sport became an Olympic event, led to her eventual retirement from the sport what is now know as Snowboard Cross.
Stephanie then attended the Adventure Guide Program at TRU and pursued the outdoor guiding route becoming a whitewater rafting guide, hiking guide and an ACMG Assistant Ski Guide, working as a heli ski guide for CMH. During her years prior to taking her guides exams, she spent many days/weeks in the mountains backcountry skiing and on expeditions.  Some of her bigger ski trips include 14 days traverse of the Monarch Icefield in the Coast Mountains, The North and South Cariboo traverse, 14 days ski traverse across the Cariboo Mountains, Mt.Clemenceau to Mt. Columbia, 8 day traverse in the Rocky Mountains. Her passion for skiing has led her travel the world skiing visiting Europe, America and New Zealand and the far reaches of British Columbia.
Stephanie had her first child and decided to focus on other passions. Her love for health and fitness led her to open her first fitness studio Revelution a Spin/TRX/Yoga studio. However, after much research, Stephanie felt there was still more to learn and discover about life-long fitness. She had always wanted to create a space where athletes could train for their specific sports but also to improve overall fitness levels for those people who are non-athletes. She began to focus on strength and conditioning and upon completing the required training and certifications, founded CrossFit Revelstoke.
From a young age, Stephanie has been aware of the correlation between exercise and injury prevention as well as overall improvement in daily life-functions. Stephanie has first-hand, life long experience regarding the benefits of strength and conditioning for both athletes and non-athletes alike. Stephanie and Turner have brought together their many years of experience and knowledge to deliver you the best strength and conditionning program Train 2 Ski.
She spends her spare time in the outdoors, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and sharing her passion for the outdoors with her 2 daughters in Revelstoke, British Columbia.
•Owner CrossFit Revelstoke
•Train 2 Ski co Founder
•CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
•CrossFit Kids Trainer
•CrossFit Weightlifting
•CrossFit Gymnastics
•Pilates instructor
•Certified Precision Nutrition Coach
•Partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition Coaching
•TRX Suspension Trainer
•TRX Functional Trainer
•CoreFX Trainer
Turner Moyse - CoFounder Train 2 Ski

Head Coach/Programmer

Turner started his journey into fitness when working as a Beach Lifeguard  with the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) in the Uk. As a mandatory requirement, there was a fitness test every two weeks therefore a swim and training program was essential. Tuner started to mix weightlifting, cycling and resistance ocean swimming to guarentee his power in the water to be able to rely on his fitness and ocean knowledge in readiness for sea rescue.

Working in London as a Personal Trainer, Turner was introduced to CrossFit by a friend who said to try it out for a month. He loved it, did his CrossFit Level 1 and realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg and there was so much more to learn.
Turner began working in a number of different CrossFit Box’s first starting by shadowing, then teaching the elements program and finally coaching.

Turner has always been a keen surfer and snowboarder. Though England was close to the sea but far from the snow, he has always trained to be fit for the sports he loves.

Turner has spent years developing his coaching and is constantly striving to learn more and be better to be able to give more to the athletes working with him. Turner now makes his home in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

• Head Coach/Programmer CrossFit Revelstoke
•Train 2 Ski co Founder
•Personal Trainer L3
•CrossFit Level 2
•CrossFit Kids
•CrossFit Endurance
•CrossFit Weightlifting
•CrossFit Gymnastics